Riaan Francois Venter
Developer, Investor and Advisor

Over a decade of experience with offshore wealth management and software development.


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I stand at the bleeding edge of Finance and Computation, creating value, very well. These two fields are my passion, and in the past 13 years, I have written a number of software solutions for leading companies as well as managing substantially large portfolios for wealthy investors in the Middle East and London.

I am a Software Developer focusing on: numerical computation, data extraction, database implementation, data analysis. I have several certificates in Python, have developed several smart contracts with Solidity, and I am studying Clojure.

I am a Wealth Manager with a strong background in international investment. I hold a Level 4 Diploma in Investment Advice from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments - London, United Kingdom, and several other certificates in finance. I only offer this service to select private investors.

By combining these two fields I am actively involved in the FinTech industry, currently focusing on cryptocurrency investment initiatives as well as the decentralized smart contract revolution. I am a cryptocurrency blogger, smart contract developer, as well as part of consortia exploring business opportunities within this field.

I am a family man, exercise daily, eat healthily, don't drink alcohol or smoke. I do not watch TV or read news on the Internet that has no relevance to me. I am a focused machine.

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Investment Advice DiplomaChartered Institute of Securities and Investments (London)
Award in Financial PlanningCII (London)
Award in General InsuranceCII (London)
Qatar Financial Center Regulatory Authority - Rules and RegulationsChartered Institute of Securities and Investments (London)
Duke UniversityProgramming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
Duke UniversityJava Programming: Solving Problems with Software
Comptia A+InfoTech College (London)
LyndaLearning Clojure
LyndaCode Clinic: Clojure
UdemyJavascript - From Beginner to Pro!
UdemyAssembly Language Adventures
UdemyLearn Socket Programming in C from Scratch
UdemyA Beginners Guide to Django!
UdemyLearn to Build Websites using Twitter Bootstrap
UdemyComplete JQuery And JQuery UI Course
UdemyIntroduction to Web Technologies
Code SchoolGit Real
Destin LearningIntroduction to Cloud Computing and Amazon AWS!



Every project that I start, I finish. Every challenge that I face, I overcome. I am able to learn whatever technology stack is required to fix problems, and I look forward to learning more.

I have enough practical (technical) and theorical (insight) to do whatever is necessary for a project to succeed, and this is why clients love me. I have a substantial knowledge of computation theory, computation complexity and the history and evolution of computers as we know it, and where the computing industry is heading into the future.

I enjoy working on projects with a team that cares about creating quality, maintainable code.

Technology Stack

Python, Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Sqlalchemy

IPython, PyCharm, Sublime Text

Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle

Nodejs, NPM, Bootstrap, JQuery


MySql, PostgresSQL, Sqlite, Json, XML, Excel, CSV

GIT, Github, Heroku